WoW Mists of Pandaria Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide – 525-600

Leveling up Jewelcrafting to 600 in Mists of Pandaria is very easy. Fortunately, players are able to do nearly all of the 75 levels just by cutting green gems, which are of course easy to get. Here are the specifics for how you can get from levels 525 to 600 with no effort at all!

Jewelcrafting Levels 525-580

In order to level up from 525-580, you can simply cut green quality gems into any cut you like. There are dozens of recipes you can learn from the trainer, but since these will be largely worthless, you should just cut whatever gems you get ahold of from prospecting or whatever are cheapest on the auction house. Here are the green gems you can cut:

  • Tiger Opal (orange)
  • Lapis Lazuli (blue)
  • Sunstone (yellow)
  • Roguestone (purple)
  • Pandarian Garnet (red)
  • Alexandrite (green)

You will need to cut a grand total of 55-65 gems of any color, depending on your luck from levels 575-580.

Jewelcrafting Levels 580-600

For the last 20 levels of Jewelcrafting, you can cut rare-quality gems. Cutting rare gems will actually take you to level 600 without much effort – you barely need any gems at all and you do not have to cut any meta gems like in previous expansions. Here are the rare gems you can cut to earn your last few levels:

  • Primordial Ruby
  • River’s Heart
  • Wild Jade
  • Vermilion Onyx
  • Imperial Amethyst
  • Sun’s Radiance

Cutting these gems actually yields 2 skill points a piece, so you only need 10 rare gems to go from 580 to 600. The gems you end up using depends on the recipes you have, which will we discuss below.

Gem Discovery in Mists of Pandaria

Rather than picking up most of your rare-quality recipes as drops or from the vendor, in Mists of Pandaria, Jewelcrafters will learn most of their cuts from a new discovery system. You have six new discovery abilities that happen to share the names of MoP’s  rare gems (River’s Heart, Imperial Amethyst, Primordial Ruby, Sun’s Radiance, Vermilion Onyx, and Wild Jade). Using a particular discovery gem costs 3 gems of that name and provides players with a permanent random recipe of that type.

For example, using the Primordial Ruby discovery spell will cost you 3x Primordial Rubies and will reward you with a random cut of Primordial Ruby, such as the Bold Primordial Ruby (+160 strength).

There are a few caveats of course. First, you can only use 1 discovery spell each day – doing so puts them on cooldown much like a transmute. Additionally,if you have already learned all the recipes of one type, you will discover a random recipe from another gem type. If you are not in a hurry to discover a particular recipe, you can simply use discovery each day on the cheapest rare gems to save gold.

If you want to learn extra recipes, players have another ability called Secrets of the Stone, which has no cooldown and rewards players with a random design. Secrets of the Stone costs 3x Spirit of Harmony. You can create a Spirit of Harmony by combining 10x Motes of Harmony. Motes of Harmony are random world drops that drop in very low percentages off of level 86+ enemies.

Alternatively, you can “farm” Motes of Harmony – literally. If you are revered with The Tillers faction, you can purchase “Songbell Seed” from the vendor for 1 gold each. These can be planted on Sunsong Ranch in Valley of the Four Winds. Upon growing into a plant (take a few minutes), each plant drops 1 Mote of Harmony.  You can do this once per day and the number of plants you can purchase depends on your faction (16 plants if you are exalted).

Serpent’s Eye and Sparkling Shards

The last thing you should know about Jewelcrafting in Mists of Pandaria is that the new Jewelcrafter bonus is the Serpent’s Eye. Rather than getting these from daily quest rewards like you did in previous World of Warcraft expansions, the Serpent’s Eye is created by combining 10x Sparkling Shard into 1 Serpent’s Eye. Sparkling Shards are a random drop from prospecting ore, so if you do any prospecting at all, you should have no problem getting enough of these to make your own Serpent’s Eyes.

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